Translations. French. Arabic. German.

Are you looking for a general translation, a translation of a specialist text, or a certified French <> German or Arabic <> German translation? Do you want to make sure your translation is not just factually accurate, but also an attractive text that hits all the right notes? I enjoy few things more than juggling with words until every single one is in just the right place. Until my translation flows as naturally and effortlessly as the original.

Stylistically poised. Thorough. Precise.

As a fully qualified sworn translator, I can assist you with translations of a range of general and specialist texts, particularly in the fields of law, tourism, Islamic studies, history, archaeology, politics and society in the Middle East. I also offer certified translations of certificates, letters of reference, deeds, and other official documents of various kinds.

Interpreting. French. Arabic. German.

Are you looking for a sworn interpreter for French or Arabic? Are you keen to ensure that what you have to say comes across clearly and authentically in a different language to your counterpart? Do you want to understand your counterpart (almost) as clearly as if both of you were speaking the same language? My goal as an interpreter is to make your communication as effortless and natural as possible.

Unobtrusively. With a sure grasp of specialist terminology. Across divides between nations.

I provide simultaneous interpreting, chucotage (whisper interpreting), consecutive interpreting and liaison interpreting in the language pairs French <> German and Arabic <> German. I am flexibly available for interpreting assignments in Bayreuth and surroundings. And, with prior notice, also further afield.